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      Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada
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      VFX Supervisor


      FuseFX Vancouver is seeking a talented and experienced VFX Supervisor for our in house projects. 

      FuseFX is an award-winning visual effects and animation studio focused on producing photo-real digital effects for feature film, episodic television and commercials.

      Preferred Requirements:

      ? Experience leading a team of Nuke Compositors and CG Generalists in an episodic TV environment
      ? On-set supervision, script breakdown, and bidding experience
      ? Working knowledge of Nuke, Maya and Houdini workflows
      ? Strong understanding of directory structure, file formats, naming conventions, scripts, automation tools, automated dailies
      ? Excellent problem solving and communication skills
      ? Strong creative and technical abilities
      ? Must be a team player and work well under tight deadlines

      Skills & Responsibilities:

      ? Attending production and VFX meetings, location and tech scouts
      ? Breaking down scripts and working with Producers and Supervisors in bidding
      ? Providing on-set supervision of plate and element photography
      ? Leading a team of artists, providing guidance and feedback on shots
      ? Assisting in recruitment duties, reviewing reels, making recommendations
      ? Communicating effectively with clients, artists, and management, while guiding a shot from initial concept through final delivery

      Please apply at: http://fusefx.com/jobs/vfx-supervisor-3/

      This Job is no longer active!