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      Monolith Productions

      Kirkland, Washington - United States
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      Art Lead, Materials


      Monolith Productions, developers of Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor and Middle Earth Shadow of War, are seeking passionate and talented game developers to join us in creating our next big gaming innovation.

      We are seeking a Lead Artist, Materials who has a passion for creating industry leading materials across all content. Candidate will be responsible for leading a team of material artists in establishing, maintaining and continually improving the efficiency and quality of the studio material library across all relevant game content. The Lead Artist, Materials will work closely with the Directors of Art, Principle Lighting Artist, World Art Manager, Lead Artist Character, and the material art team to ensure that both the aesthetic quality and content creation efficiency is maintained at the highest level. Candidate will have a deep familiarity of PBR material pipelines, Substance Designer/Painter and equivalent software, and knowledge of real world material properties. The Lead Artist, Materials will regularly attend cross discipline meetings and discussions to obtain a deep understanding of project goals and dependencies. Candidate will participate in regular reviews with the Material team and Directors to help maintain consistency and quality of materials. Additionally, The Lead Artist, Materials is responsible for researching, developing, and recommending new art/tech to help push the studio quality bar of all material content.

      What part will you play?
      • Work with Director of Art, Principle Lighting Artist, World Art Manager, and Lead Artist, Character on the development and maintenance of our material library across all game content.
      • Work with the Technical art team on shader pipelines and tools development needed to effectively and efficiently share materials across all relevant content.
      • Create high quality benchmark material examples using substance designer/painter or equivalent software that establish visual targets during prototype phase and beyond.
      • Work with Production on prototype and future project dependencies, scheduling and management of scope capacity for the Material Team.
      • Review project specific materials across all relevant project content on a regular basis to ensure optimal implementation and high-quality output.

      What do we require from you?
      • BA in art or related field or equivalent experience
      • 8+ years working as an environment/material artist with a keen focus on creating materials and textures for next gen AAA games
      • 3+ years as a lead or equivalent leadership role.
      • At least 3 shipped AAA titles.
      • At least 8+ years’ experience with industry standard 3-D animation package (3D Studio Max, Motion Builder, and Maya)
      • Expert knowledge of Substance Painter and Designer.
      • Strong understanding of PBR lighting models and its interaction with materials.
      • At least 5+ years of ZBrush and/or other digital sculpting tools.
      • Excellent understanding of a variety of architectural styles with an ability to apply knowledge from historical references.
      • Excellent understanding of geology, rock formations, terrain, and foliage.
      • Strong understanding of foundation art fundamentals including; color theory, composition, internal/external silhouette, and value structures.
      • Strong understanding of new gen shader technology with an ability to create a wide range of highly realistic materials.
      • Strong experience and understanding of art pipelines with experience in development for Xbox One and/or PS4.
      • Must have an active, passionate interest in current video games to help drive the game to the next level.
      • Ability to adapt rapidly to new or changing technology with an interest in finding ways to evolve and improve the environment art creation pipeline.
      • Strong organization skills with adherence to file structures, naming conventions and other established protocols.
      • Must be an excellent collaborator with a willingness to provide/accept direction and the ability to embrace change.
      • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
      • Portfolio/website/reel demonstrating fundamental foundation art skills, design sensibilities, and attention to detail.
      The Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies is an equal opportunity employer and considers all candidates for employment regardless of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, citizenship, age, disability, marital status, military or veteran's status (including protected veterans, as may be required by federal law), sexual orientation, gender identity or any other category protected by law.

      This Job is no longer active!