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      CoSA VFX Company Logo

      CoSA VFX

      Los Angeles, California - United States
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      I/O Coordinator


      CoSA VFX is seeking experienced I/O Coordinators to work on high profile television shows and feature films. Our company is a fast-paced and highly collaborative production environment.

      Recent projects include Swamp Thing, Lucifer, Gotham and Westworld as well as a full slate of prominent television and film projects for the 2019-2020 season. The most successful and fulfilled CoSA production staff excel in precision and consistent execution of complex tasks.


      • Ingest client files and prepare client deliveries via digital file transfer programs (ex: Aspera, Signiant Media Shuttle) and physical hard drives with tight security requirements
      • Prepare and execute digital file transfers between in-house studios, vendors and other parties
      • Execute all duties within the required security specifications
      • Communicate accurately and in a timely manner the transfer of the data to the appropriate departments
      • Ensure all correspondence is up to date, responding in a timely manner
      • Assist in archiving studio data
      • Monitor the render farm as needed and as directed by the Render Wrangler.
      • Planning and implementing protocols and workflows to ensure proper preparation for client deliveries and security audits.
      • Assisting in some production needs, such as creating and publishing shots and updating log databases.


      • 1+ years’ experience in VFX production facility
      • Clear understanding of Avid media composer, NukeStudio, HieroPlayer, Adobe Premiere
      • Proficient computer skills; emphasis on Production Tracking Software (Shotgun, F-Track) and Asset Management, Microsoft Office Applications such as Word, Excel, Office, and standard PC applications.
      • Excellent communication, both verbal and written
      • Good organizational skills and strong attention to detail
      • Ability to handle a fast paced, occasionally high-pressure environment
      • Capable of working independently and as part of a team
      • Willingness to work flexible hours, including weekends, evenings or nights when production schedules require.

      CoSA VFX, Inc. offers a competitive compensation package including medical, vision and dental insurance, flexible spending account as well as 401(k). 

      Applications without resume and cover letter will not be considered.