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      Boulder Media

      Dublin - Ireland
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      FX Pipeline TD


      FX Department Pipeline TD

      As part of Hasbro Entertainment, Boulder Media is building a new feature animation division. We are excited to offer a talented FX Pipeline TD the opportunity to join our very successful and established animation studio as we expand into a new area. We will be producing the first CG theatrical feature film made entirely in Ireland. The movie is based on a very well-known Hasbro property and we can’t wait to bring it to the big screen for the first time.


      The appropriate candidate will need to work closely with the FX Department Lead, VFX Sup and Pipeline team in designing, creating and implementing pipeline tools for the FX Department. The appropriate candidate will be responsible for efficiency and usability of these tools. The FX Pipeline TD will also be at hand to problem solve any issues that arise within the FX Department and help design FX systems.

      Main Duties:

      • Design, test, implement and maintain pipeline tools within the FX Department.
      • Develop Houdini publishing tools to create a smooth and coherent process.
      • Working closely with Pipeline team continuously developing the FX Department pipeline for efficiency and productivity.
      • Maintaining a strong support system for FX Artists.
      • Create Documentation of all tools and procedures.
      • Work closely with the Department Lead in setting out the future roadmap for the department
      • Help design FX systems.
      • Work with Pipeline team to problem solve any issues with the studios pipeline process.
      • Problem solve any workflow issues.


      • A minimum of 3 years' experience in a similar role.
      • Proficient in Houdini.
      • Advanced knowledge of Python programming.
      • Experience in Git.
      • knowledge of C++. H script and Vex.
      • Must have experience of pipeline workflow for animated Feature film.
      • Experience with Linux systems.
      • Experience exporting and importing files between Houdini and Katana would be a plus but not required.
      • A deep knowledge in caching formats a plus.
      • Candidate must be proactive and work well in a team environment.
      • Experience with Shotgun and shotgun toolkit.
      • Experience with Confluence or Jira.