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      Boulder Media

      Dublin - Ireland
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      Render Manager


      ROLE: Render Manager


      As part of Hasbro Entertainment, Boulder Media is building a new feature animation division. We are excited to offer a talented Render Manager the opportunity to join our very successful and established animation studio as we expand into a new area. We will be producing the first CG theatrical feature film made entirely in Ireland. The movie is based on a very well-known Hasbro property and we can’t wait to bring it to the big screen for the first time. The render manager is responsible for managing the rendering department. This department is tasked with monitoring, optimizing and troubleshooting the processes on the render farm, ensuring that established priorities are met.



      ·       Manage the rendering department to ensure it is run efficiently and adequately resourced.

      ·       Setting up the dept from scratch and developing the workflow and processes with the key technical stakeholders in the studio.

      ·       Ensuring that render jobs are properly prioritized in the queue system so that project goals are met, while monitoring the render farm’s health and status on a regular basis.

      ·       Maximizing the render farm’s resources.

      ·       Communicating with the Production and Systems teams on outstanding issues, as well as overall render farm performance and efficiency.

      ·       Assist in basic evening Systems support tasks when and where required, documenting issues to provide to the Systems team for further escalation.

      ·       Render Wrangler support is typically required after hours and on specific weekends depending on project demands.

      ·       Monitor, manage and keep the render farm running at maximum capacity.

      ·       Monitor, manage and check rendered shots, verifying delivery for dailies & rounds.

      ·       Maintain rendering priorities and resource allocations for various productions.

      ·       Assist artists with render job submissions and errors.

      ·       Monitor infrastructure servers and escalate problems.


      ·       Experience in a Feature Animation or VFX studio.

      ·       Understanding of the Animation production process is a must.

      ·       Experience in a Linux/UNIX environments is a must.

      ·       Must have experience managing a team of render wranglers .

      ·       Experience with Maya, Katana, Nuke, and Arnold rendering is beneficial

      ·       Knowledge of a production management system such as Shotgun is a plus.

      ·       Knowledge of a render farm manager such as Deadline, Tractor, or Qube, is a plus.

      ·       Knowledge of scripting languages such as Python is a plus.

      ·       The ability to work well under pressure and meet deadlines.

      ·       Strong organizational skills, accuracy and attention to detail.

      ·       Good interpersonal and communication skills.

      ·       Flexible nature, able to adapt to changing production requirements.

      This Job is no longer active!