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      Oxide Games

      Timonium, Maryland - United States
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      Outsource Manager/Senior Generalist


      Oxide Games is looking for an Outsource Manager/ Senior General Artist to join our team, working on a new IP AAA game with a first party publisher. Qualified individuals will be required to work hands on with outsource resources to organize, review, troubleshoot and revise/polish art assets.  The Outsource Manager will need to be organized, with excellent communication skills, with the energy and ability to support both internal and external implementation of a wide range of art assets.



      • Responsible for developing a pipeline for the in flow of outsource art assets, review and feedback procedures, and final implementation of outsource art assets;
      • Work with other art disciplines and other departments to help develop systems and tools to establish technical and aesthetic guidelines for game art assets;
      • Ensure that all assets created by outsource resources are consistent with the style and technical guidelines of benchmark assets;
      • Manage a small team of outsource support artists, be a role model, and inspire and mentor other artists in best practices and procedures for asset production;
      • Support the Art Director/Management with documentation, planning, scheduling, internal/ external assignment preparation and critiques as required;


      • 5+ years as professional artist in video game development;
      • Willing and eager to work with a proprietary engine and support its future development;
      • Expertise in setting up import pipeline/processes for assets from outsource resources;
      • Proficient with standard industry tools like 3dsMax, Maya, Z-Brush, and Photoshop, Substance Designer, and Substance Painter;
      • Desire to support and have input into the creation of new systems and tools to help support future outsource production;
      • Experienced working with both internal and outsourced art team resources and pipelines;

      As a plus:

      • 2+ years of management experience;
      • Beyond aesthetic skills and knowledge, be aware of current and cutting edge technology for 3d art production trends and processes, tools and techniques: 3D modeling, textures, materials/shaders, lighting, etc.;

      This Job is no longer active!