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      Savannah College of Art and Design Company Logo

      Savannah College of Art and Design

      Savannah, Georgia - United States
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      Motion Graphics Artist


      SCAD seeks a Motion Graphics Artist to join the university’s creative direction department, an award-winning, in-house agency leading the charge in creating smart, engaging content that embodies the SCAD lifestyle and personality.

      The motion graphics artist reports directly to the senior motion graphics artist and assists with producing titles, graphics, computer animation and special effects for all video and web productions produced by the creative direction department. You’ll develop custom computer graphic stills and animations, perform digital compositing, special effects and unwanted artifact removal, and help maintain the graphic identity of SCAD in all work.

      The motion graphics artist also assists in daily maintenance of scad.tv and other university web video presence, manages graphics playback during live productions, and archives and maintains a graphics database as necessary. The artist will also work with a team of designers and art directors across communications and admission departments, collaborating on the development creation and implementation of computer graphics to be used in video productions.

      The ideal candidate has strong creative and technical skills, approaches assignments with enthusiasm and can seamlessly change priorities and meet deadlines. The ideal candidate is up-to-date on web graphic programs, digital trends and compatibility issues for QuickTime, RealPlayer, Windows Media and other relevant programs, understanding the differences in various digital formats in order to effectively communicate with other employees and departments.

      Additionally, you are available to work outside regular office hours, weekends and holidays and may perform troubleshooting duties.

      - Bachelor’s degree in a related field
      - Knowledge of digital-based video production and software programs including Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects