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      Arkane Studios Company Logo

      Arkane Studios

      Austin, Texas - United States
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      Technical Artist


      Arkane Studios Austin is seeking a generalist Technical Artist to join our team in creating AAA games for PC and console systems. The Technical Artist will assist our art teams in developing new and creative asset creation techniques, maintaining performance across all shipping platforms, and serves as a technical reference for art production. The ideal candidate has a strong passion for creating narrative driven games in a highly collaborative setting.


      • Assist the art team in creating new and optimal asset workflows
      • Research and prototype complex game art elements
      • Author shaders and materials using a combination of node-based editors and HLSL
      • Collaborate with art and engineering staff on art pipeline improvements
      • Assist in troubleshooting and organization with outsourcing partners as needed
      • Document best-practices for creating great-looking optimized game assets


      • 2+ years’ experience in the video games industry as a technical artist
      • Experience in Maya and Substance Designer/Painter
      • Experience with Unreal Engine 4, CryEngine, or other AAA engines
      • Excellent communication and time management skills
      • Understanding of run-time shader languages such as HLSL or GLSL
      • Experience in Python and the use of PyQt/PySide
      • Creating procedural art assets using Houdini

      This Job is no longer active!