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      FX Networks

      Los Angeles , California - United States
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      Visual Effects & Graphics Engineer


      Walt Disney Television is seeking an experienced Visual Effects/Graphics Support Engineer, who will work closely with FX Network’s award winning Marketing team. This team utilizes industry standard software tools to generate and complete graphics in a fast turn television broadcast environment. The Engineer must have excellent communication skills and be able to consult, train, knowledge share, interact, and develop relationships with engineering, graphic artists, creative directors and management. 



      • Perform system monitoring, verifying the integrity and availability of all hardware, server resources, systems and key processes, reviewing system and application logs.
      • Assist VFX artists in resolving technical or operational issues.
      • Orchestrate workstation management, imaging, and configuration.
      • Ensure proper documentation of systems and procedures.
      • Assess, troubleshoot, and resolve user hardware/software issues and/or failures.
      • Orchestrate and perform the upgrading and configuring of infrastructure systems, software and firmware patches and upgrades to operating systems as needed.
      • Maintain server room environmental and monitoring equipment, license servers, as well as asset tracking systems.
      • Research and implement new technologies that optimize the creative vision of the department. 



      • Four year college degree or equivalent work experience required.
      • At least 3+ years of work experience in the VFX industry.  
      • Preferred knowledge of the following systems/software:
      • Adobe CC and Adobe After Effects, and After Effects rendering workflows.
      • NUKE compositing software and workflows.
      • Maya with Vray, C4D, and 3D Studio Max.
      • Houdini and Houdini FX.
      • 3D rendering workflows including Redshift or other GPU renderers, render farm, distributed render setup and operation including AWS Thinkbox Deadline render management software.
      • Javascript/NodeJS and Python for After Effects, Maya and Nuke.
      • Storage environments including SAN, NAS, LTO, and cloud backup workflows required.
      • Broadcast specs and general post-production.
      • Pipeline creation and management.

      This Job is no longer active!