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      inXile entertainment

      Newport Beach, California - United States
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      Lead Environment Artist



      inXile is seeking an experienced Lead Environment Artist to join our world class team working on a next-generation role-playing game. The ideal candidate will have extensive experience in creating immersive worlds, collaborating with engineers, artists and designers to create visually stunning environments that support fun and engaging gameplay. With strong leadership skills combined with an uncompromising eye for quality, the Lead Environment Artist will help create the unforgettable world of inXile’s next great RPG. Does this sound like you? Come and join us!




      • Helps to define and maintain the artistic standard for environments in the game.

      • Collaborates with artists, designers, and other disciplines to create engaging and appealing gameplay environments.

      • Creatively composes, set-dresses, and lights environments with new and existing assets.

      • Provides clear, timely, actionable visual feedback to the environment team.

      • Mentors other environment artists to improve and progress their art skills and career paths.

      • Works closely with producers and leads to create and coordinate team and project schedules.




      • 5+ years console or PC game development experience, with one or more shipped titles as Lead Environment Artist.

      • Solid understanding of fundamental visual design principles including color, composition, form, shape, structure, silhouette, scale, surface properties, lighting.

      • Technical expertise with Unreal 4.0, blueprint creation, and PBR workflow.

      • Proven management, organization, and communication skills.




      • Experience with ZBrush, Substance, Topogun, SpeedTree, and other 3D development tools.

      • Experience developing RPGs.

      • Solid foundation in traditional art, drawing, painting, illustration and/or concept art.

      • Strong technical ability and willingness to learn new tools, techniques and workflows.

      • Basic proficiency creating environmental VFX and /or environmental animations