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      Madison Square Garden

      San Francisco, California - United States
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      Technical Assistant - Render Wrangler



      The Technical Assistant is responsible for providing rendering and data management support for the productions team. They are also responsible for managing storage, archiving, removing data and elevating errors and technical needs. The Technical Assistant will work with other internal teams to ensure the render farm is operating as efficiently as possible at all times. 



      ·         Responsible for prioritizing and monitoring the rendering process

      ·         Responsible for the output of high res content

      ·         Reporting technical issues

      ·         Manage render priorities based on the needs of key stakeholders

      ·         Set up and test rendering pipelines

      ·         Monitor storage space and follow protocol around file backup and deleting redundant renders

      ·         Maintain the hardware and software of the render nodes to ensure smooth operation of the render farm

      ·         Maintain file organization and proper naming conventions

      ·         QCing deliverables and assuring all renders are output without any errors and to spec


      ·         3+ years experience as a Technical Assistant/Render Wrangler, background in supporting or working in VFX or Animation Studios/Creative Agencies a plus

      ·         Technical knowledge of 3D & 2D software packages, Deadline and Pipeline infrastructure

      ·         Strong communication skills (verbal, written); this position will interact with many levels of the Organization

      ·         Creative problem solving with the ability to research as needed

      ·         Have a high level of engagement and be extremely detail oriented 

      ·         Familiarity with Microsoft Office

      ·         Behavior consistent with MSG values

      ·         Able to work evenings and weekends to meet project deadlines