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      Madison Square Garden Company Logo

      Madison Square Garden

      San Francisco, California - United States
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      Senior Unreal Developer


      MSG Ventures is looking for a Game Engines Software Engineer to play an integral role in researching, developing, prototyping, and performing due diligence on large-scale real time rendering technologies for integration into our game platform for live events. Candidate must have the ability to work alone and in teams, incorporating input from a diverse group to integrate various contributions into custom tools, workflows, and production ready tech demos. Working on a project from conception through execution, this position benefits from a broad range of skills across real time graphics development, tool creation, and hardware integration.

       Specific Functions/Activities SUMMARY:  

       ·         Collaborate closely with the Director Interactive Software to design and create large-scale real time rendering solutions for our venue.

      ·         Research, communicate technical needs, and support proofs of concepts with various partners and vendors.

      ·         Collaborate closely with our Interactive Concept Group and other departments to share pipeline innovations and improvements as well as helping to integrate our game platform and tools.

      ·         Iterate on the integration of large-scale real time rendering components into cohesive tech demos and a unified gaming platform that can scale for live events.

      ·         Collaborate closely with our Venue Tech, Systems, and DevOps teams to integrate new real-time rendering technologies into our venues.

      ·         Collaborate closely with other software teams to inform and create new tools for content creators.

      ·         Write technical documentation and clearly communicate complex solutions and challenges, even to non-technical staff.

      ·         Stay current on relevant technology and conduct necessary research, due diligence, prototyping, and testing to assess emerging technology options.

      ·         Identify areas that require attention and work with the Software project management team to ensure time and resources are properly allocated.




       ?      Computer Science BS, MS or PhD degree preferred or equivalent experience

      ?      6+ years of professional game engineering or related field experience required

      ?      Expertise in C++/Unreal Engine, Blueprints, and an intimate knowledge of Unreal rendering pipelines is required, with additional C#/Unity experience highly preferred

      ?      Experience with clustered rendering (nDisplay or other clustering tech) is highly preferred

      ?      7+ years of experience implementing 3D graphics features such as lighting, effects, shaders and other low-level systems is required.

      ?      Extensive domain knowledge in video game production pipelines is required

      ?      Excellent communication and team interaction skills is required

      ?      Self-motivated, with little guidance needed, and an ability to work on multiple projects and prioritize tasks for each in an agile manner

      ?      Experience creating artist content creation tools is preferred

      ?      Working knowledge of implementing and prototyping large environments/worlds, synchronized visual effects, and particle systems preferred

      ?      Working knowledge of implementing networked games is preferred

      ?      Extensive graphics knowledge and experience with recent beta Unreal/Unity features is a plus

      ?      Experience creating Software Development Kits is a plus

      ?      Experience with live event playback/media servers is a plus

      ?      Applicants should provide their own code samples for tools or playable games along with technical design documentation