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      Madison Square Garden Company Logo

      Madison Square Garden

      San Francisco, California - United States
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      VFX Supervisor


      MSG SF is a San Francisco-based creative studio that’s building the immersive entertainment experiences of the future. Our innovative team of artists, producers, and technologists are creating groundbreaking content for the first of its kind. We seek a highly experience individual to join our team as VFX Supervisor.

      The VFX Supervisor is responsible for the production of visual effects on the project that are assigned to them. They must understand and interpret the Director's intentions while remaining conscious of the project's budget constraints set by the production team. A successful candidate will remain calm under pressure, self-motivated, flexible, able to juggle multiple and diverse responsibilities with extreme attention to detail.

      Specific Functions/Activities Summary

      • Partner with producers and key creatives to ensure the portfolio of work on all projects is accomplished efficiently, to the required quality standards, and within the schedule.
      • Work with DP and Creative Director to plan practical shoots to work seamlessly with post-production VFX; ensure an on-location presence during shooting to assure technical guidelines are followed
      • Runs dailies, give crew direction on shots and assets, aesthetic direction and feedback
      • Develops methodology and approach to show, including how to get work completed efficiently and within show budget
      • Lead the crew, provide mentoring, individual training and professional guidance as needed.
      • Develop knowledge of the individual skills sets of VFX artists.
      • Participate in show and annual performance reviews for the VFX artists.
      • Work collaboratively with Producers and recruiting to confirm ongoing recruitment requirements including participation in reel reviews, interviewing, and recruitment outreach (as needed).
      • Aware of the impact creative decisions have on a show's schedule & budget, and be willing to change the creative choices, when possible, to stay on schedule budget.
      • Maintain a high level of proficiency in current tools and methodologies - both proprietary and 3rd party applications available on the market.


      · 10 + years hands-on digital production experience

      · A demonstrable blend of technical and artistic skills, preferably with experience as a Technical Director or Digital Artist.

      · Extensive knowledge of VFX production and CG pipelines

      · Thorough understanding of film production and on-set experience

      · Reel demonstrating robust high end Feature Film VFX experience.

      · Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, Computer Graphics, Fine Art, or equivalent work experience.

      · Experience with Mystika, Shake, Nuke, or proprietary equivalent.

      · Experience with Maya, 3dsMax, XSI, or proprietary equivalent.

      · Experience with Adobe Photoshop.

      · Excellent organization and interpersonal skills

      · Strong knowledge and understanding of Lighting, Compositing, Digital Matte Painting, Texturing and Modeling.

      · Knowledge of an asset manager such as SHOTGUN is a plus